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Perspective of Medical Cannabis in Ayurveda

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The idea of overcoming worldly pain and miseries has kept engaged the philosophers and scientists of all the age. Psychotropic were in use throughout the history in almost every culture. Cannabis is one of the widely known psychotropic which is natural product and not a drug. Indian government scientists are

AYUSH Cannabis to Stay Healthy After Cancer

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The human mind was created with genes. It carries so many powers /characteristics/diseases also and has the power to skip generations. Cancer is caused by genetic changes to DNA. There are herbs that can act on the mind and impact genes. This knowledge may help cancer patients. Lung cancer is

Living with a Chronic Diseases

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A chronic illness is a long-term health condition that may not have a cure. Living with chronic illness can make you feel very alone. Ayurveda help to identify the root cause, understand, fight, and win your chronic illness. Examples of chronic illnesses are Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer,

Fight Cancer with Mind-Body Approaches

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Many people who had been diagnosed with cancer generally use complementary approaches for general wellness, immune enhancement, and pain management. Findings from a substantial amount of research suggest that some mind and body approaches, such as Ayurvedic  massage therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and yogic support may help to manage some

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