Ayurvedic Knowledge system is different from western medicine in its epistemological terminology. Click here to find this epistemological difference
Knowledge of Ayurveda allows one to follow the dos and don’ts necessary for the well-being of each individual to lead a healthy and happy life.

Ayurveda represents clinical knowledge of human body and life and has been practiced in India since 12th Century B.C. as per the available records. Human life in considered to be union of body (Sharira) – sense organs (Indriyas) – mind (Satva) and life force (Atma).

Disease is an unpleasant painful state caused by disturbance in one’s life equilibrium which is maintained by 3 patho-physiological factors (doshas), Kapha is the entire physical volume and Pitta is the entire metabolic process operating in a living body, The Vata (also referred as Prana) constitutes movement and activity.

A disturbance in the equilibrium in any one of the three doshas leads to disease. Ayurveda focuses on the minutest of channels in the human body called Srotas. It is believed that these channels need to be cleaned on a routine basis through a five-fold purification process called Panchkarma. It is then followed by the rejuvenating Rasayana therapy.

The concept of Agni is a unique in Ayuvedic knowledge system. Ayurveda visualises 13 types of Agnis (Enzyme Systems) that are responsible for all types of metabolism. It has direct link with Satva Guna of mind. Many diseases are produced due to poor agni syndrome (called Mandagni) which is characterised by poor appetite, poor digestion and assimiliation. Mandagni generates ama in the body which is a subtle cause of many metabolic diseases. The root cause of Ama is presence of Raja and Tama doshas in the mind.

The unseen director of human life is named as Atma – the life force. It is an eternal (undestroyable) force that regulates sharira-indriyas and manas through its natural flow. Any misuse or obstruction in the natural flow of life force is the root cause of disease. Ayurvedic therapies and remedies act on the Sharira-Indriya-Mana (SIM complex) and allow the life force to flow freely.

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