Ayurveda is different compared to the strict scientific approach in western medicine in epistemological terms. Ayurveda is Shastra based on different epistemology (theory of knowledge). Both modern science and Ayurvedic Shastra are profound knowledge systems but based on different epistemological foundations.

The atomic theory, logical positivism and its later schools, aristolean logic and its derivates form the epistemological underpinnings of western science.

On the other hand, The theory of Panch Mahabhuta, Sankhya and Nyaya and Nyaya Vaisheshika form the basis of the epistemology of Ayurvedic Shastra. In Indian epistemology, knowledge is function of the state of mind while human perception of the world determines the mental state of observer.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is an example of an outstanding Indian treatise on the subject of the mind and its modifications and how one can distinguish, as well as transform different states of mind.

The Ayurvedic knowledge system for instance ls supposed to have been originally derived in “Brahma” – which means a state of mind that is one with nature – In this state of mind there is no difference expected between the subject and object or the observer and the observed. Thus the mental tools and state of mind used in development of science and shastra have been different. The scope and limits of western understanding of mind is very different from the understanding of mind as expounded in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.

Difference in Pharmacology

Ayurvedic pharmacology is known as Dravyaguna Shastra, the whole plant or its parts – the leaves, stem, seeds, root, bark, fruits, flowers – is studied as a whole in terms of its in vivo effects on such parameters as rasa, veerya, vipaka and prabhava and used as an active substance.

Modern pharmacology, on the other hand, isolates the active chemical entity from the plant or its parts and studies it in vitro and in vivo effects on different parameters. Similarly there are other differences in basic concepts, approach to design of experiment and perspective in quantification. There is an urgent need for legitimising cross – cultural medical research.

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