Ayurvedic Medical Camp on Neuro-muscular Disabilitis

Free Medical Camp@ Sanjivani Wellness Centre Bhilai

Ayurveda introduced in Miskolc University & Hospital By Dr Mukesh D Jain

Budapest, April 11, 2012. Borsodi Health and Social Cluster leaders in Hungary organized visit of Indian Ayurveda specialist Dr Mukesh D. Jain , who gave a scientific presentation presentation in the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Health and the patient and parent group at Government Hospital in Miskolc, Hungary.

Ayurvedic Treatment of NMD introduced in Miscolc University and General Hospital

Ayurveda introduced in Miskolc University & Hospital By Dr Mukesh D Jain

Ayurveda is based on traditions thousands of years of Indian medicine, which unlike the European medicine uses only natural ingredients, and the human is considered as a unit of body -mind and spirit. Important tool in Ayurveda are a healthy diet and lifestyle….read more…..


Russian & Hungarian doctors to recognize Ayurvedic Treatment

Russian Specialist interest in Ayurvedic treatment of Neuro-muscular ailments.

Ayurvedic Seminar in Russian Children Hospital

Raipur Oct 5, 2011: Dr Mukesh Jain delivered a lecture on Ayurvedic treatment in Moscow District Children Neurology Hospital on 26th September and introduced Ayurvedic & Yogic approach of treatment in the treatment of uncontrolled N euro-Muscular Diseases and myopathies. The lecture was attended by specialist faculty of Neurology in the hospital.  Read Full  »



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