Vitiated Vata energy leads to depletion of body tissues leading to degeneration. The dryness and degeneration caused by Vata leads to decrease of Kapha Dosha.  Kapha element is responsible for cushioning in between bone joints. Hence disc degeneration sets in leading to Spondylosis.

Ayush Spine care program is efficient in Slip Disc (vertebral dislocation and nerve compression).  The most common symptoms are pain in the thighs and legs, lower back pain, stiffness in the back, pain in the buttocks, tingling sensation in the legs. Treatment agenda includes Elakhizhi, Kativasthi, Pizchil, Sneha Vasti, Nasyam, and Nadi Swedana. Recommended Medicines are Neuro Cons, Praval Pisti, Omni Move and Punarnavasava.

Ayush Spine care program is also efficient in Spondylitis (degeneration in the spongy tissue between the Vertebrae) which is characterized by stiffness in the back, tingling sensation, and low back pain.  Cervical Spondylosis is caused by degeneration of bones, discs – cartilage cushion between the neck bones and joints of the neck.  Neck pain, stiffness, headache, numbness, etc are common symptom. Ayurvedic term for this condition is Greeva Graha meaning stiffness of the neck.  It is explained as a Vata condition.  This is one of the diseases wherein Ayurvedic treatment has very good promise.

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