The patient is strictly advised to follow certain rules of conduct and diet during the course of Ayurvedic treatments and for an equal number of days thereafter. Regarding food restrictions, one should have only a nutritious die, that is not contra-indicated (harmful) by the disease; they should also be easily digestible.

Food must be taken at regular intervals. Chilles should be totally avoioed. Instead of impure common salt refined salt and rock-salt may be used. Half polished or brown rice, plantain fruits, black pepper, bitter gourd, snake gourd, yam, ash gourd and other foods containing calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, potassium, silica and other vital mineral salts should be used. Fruits especially pomegranates, oranges, grapes and Amalaka fruits (gooseberry) should be eaten not only for the salts they contain and also for the stimulating effect these fruits have upon the liver and other organs of excertion.

Butter-milk must be boiled with turmeric and other spices before use. Meat of pigeon and rabbit may be used. They should either be boiled, broiled or baked but not fried, as frying sometime causes digestive disorders. Fish in general should be avoided. But fish rich in omega-3 fatly acids, such as salmon or mackerel can be used. Sesame, black gram, spirit and liquors, curds, pumpkin, brinjal. lady’s finger, drumstick, onion, asafoetida etc., should be avoided. Water bolied with liberal quantities of Musta, dried ginger, coriander, cuminseeds and green peas may be used for drinking purposes either warm or cold.

Ablutions should be with warm water, never with cold water, sexual act is to be completetly abstained from, not only the act but even the very thought of it. Nothing is more detrimental in the course of these various treatments than the sexual desire.

Sleep is one of the greatest reconstructive factor we have. Therefore, uninterrupted proper sleep at night is essential with no sleep during the day time. Sleep during day time may be checked by indulging in light reading such as simple stories or newspapers and pleasant chat with friends. Morning walk and gentle Yogasan are good. Yoga improve breathing, reduces stress, improves immunity, increase energy levels. boosts self esteem and help flexibility and manage weight.

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