The Ayurvedic  treatment Programs are based on Dr. Jain’s deep understanding and clinical experience spanning over 30 years. The specific Panch Karma procedures, Rasayana herbs & Yoga Programs are patient friendly, cost effective and backed by scientific research .



Ayurvedic treatment show strong evidence of substantial benefit for children and adults with Neuro-muscular disability and muscular dystrophies.  Processed Ayurvedic herbs slow or even reverse the process of muscle destruction by improving Agni, a key factor required to synthesize cellular protein.

              Mamsagni Rasayana along with Sukumar Guggul is effective to stop further deterioration of muscles. The medicine will help delay the muscle degeneration. Mamsagni Rasayana does not alter the patient’s genetic code or introduce genetic materials into the body. It is safe and natural product developed and being clinically used by AMDS India for Care through ayurvedic research project since 1995.

Ayurvedic medicines gives better results if used along with TMP* ayurvedic therapy + physiotherapy.


Normal skin takes about one month for its new cells to move from the lower layers of skin cells to formation of thick scales. Metabolic toxins and unresolved stress are responsible for obstructing the peripheral circulation, especially in the inner layer of dermis. Psoriasis is a natural effort of body to get rid of toxins and harmful forces that have accumulated in the blood.


Tikta Snehana, Pitta Rechana, Basti and administration of Psororasayana provide lasting relief if combined with Surya Namaskara and Om meditation.

Panchkarma for 2-4 weeks followed by yogic, dietic and medicinal support for 1 year.


Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis-
a. Acute pain, swelling and redness in joints. e. Feeling of light temperature.
b. Sweating with foul smell f. Feeling of weakness.
c. Stiffness in joints. g. Inability to move.
d. Cracking sound in joints. h. Prolonged constipation.

Ama toxins poses obstruction to bio-motive force in neuro-muscular system. The natural flow of Vata element is obstructed and results in to painful movement. The painful restrictive movement due to recurrent inflammation of joints generally labelled as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  In chronic cases, the disease may cause deformity and total incapacitation. Ayurveda has put forth a unique approach of its etiology assigning crucial role for the gastro-intestinal dysfunction. The treatment is also accordingly designed. The number of scientifically verified herbs and Panch karma therapies has been successfully evaluated in the management of painful arthritis.

Ayurveda treatments have produced significant remission of Rheumatoid arthritis. The use of Omni Move is effective and safe for lasting relief of the debilitating joint pain. To clean body srotas, Panchkarma Procedures are effective, To resume joint movements controlled yogic asanas especially pawanmuktasana give good result. The pain and swelling of the joints are best dealt with administration of anti-Ama, anti-inflammatory herbs.

Boswellia serrata gum resin extract (BSE)
Pharmacological effects are mainly attributed to suppression of leuko-triene formation via inhibition of 5-lipo-oxygenase (5-LO) by two boswellic acids
(i) KBA: 11-keto-a-boswellic acid and
(ii) AKBA: acetyl 11-keto-a-boswellic acid
Another theory is inhibition of enzymes:
(iii) microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 and  (iv) Serine protease cathepsin G.

Omni move 500 mg  is specially processed BSE that resolves inflammation, reduce stiffness and pain thus improves range of movements

Panchkarma for two weeks followed by yogic, dietic and Omni Move for 6 months.

Parkinson’s disease is a complex, progressive, and currently incurable neurological disorder characterized by shaking, stiffness, slowed movement, and impaired balance. Parkin mutations are present in as many as 37 percent of early-onset Parkinson’s cases. Parkin (protein) is involved in fat transportation.

In Parkinson’s disease, neurons that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine die off in the basal ganglia, an area of the brain that controls body movements. The brain can no longer control the body and people shake and jerk in spasms.

The brain cells destroyed during the course of the disease are found in a region called the substantia nigra, which controls movement, among other roles. The neurons in this part of the brain are extremely active. Each one has over 300,000 connections and is continuously transmitting information. These neurons require good support in the form of their fat and cholesterol membrane. If the right types of fat aren’t available, then cell integrity will be prone to damage.

Interestingly, inflammation as a key regulator of brain injury and degeneration has recently come to the forefront in biomedical research. Ayurveda can give unique insight in to these processes. Bacopa can impact the brain through modulation of microglia, inflammatory cells that are found in the brain and are activated during injury and degenerative Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s Herbs 500 mg is a safe and effective formulation by Dr. Mukesh Jain. It is contains active ayurvedic ingredients from Mucuna Pruriens, a very powerful neurotransmitter pre-cursor L-Dopa.  It is processed with Withania Somnifera, Tinospora cordifolia and Curcuma longa.

Dr Jain’s Parkinson’s herbs boost energy level by improving cholesterol level and tissue rejuvenation in heart, kidney, liver and lungs organs. This formula clinically evaluated helpful when treating depression. Additional supportive regimens include daily oil massage with homemade Shat- Bala Oil and yogic practices such as Pranayama & Meditation.


Ayurvedic Slimming & Weight Management
Overweight may be due to genetic predisposition or due to emotional over eating, In every case over-weight people generally take surplus energy (calories) than their body can consume. These surplus calories are eventually stored up as body fat.

The Ama formation is the main pathology according to Ayurveda. Panch Karma therapy removes Ama and excess fat from the body. Udawartana is a dry herbal massage followed by herbal steam bath which melts out excess body fat.

Sanjivani Buti is a special combination of well-known lipolytic herbs help reduce blood cholesterol and make the body slim, firm and energetic. It keeps the heart strong and blood supply uninterrupted. The ingredients are non-toxic, non-narcotic, non-carcinogenic and safe for human use.

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