Weakness is one of the predominant manifestations of neuromuscular disorders which strongly influences daily life. Ayurvedic Rasayana medicines and therapies are efficient in the long term management of Neuro-muscular problems. Ayurvedic herbo-metallic medicines are safe and effective to improve neuro-muscular functions. This is especially important to control symptoms, improve functional ability, and to prolong life.
Neuromuscular weakness happens when the nerves that control your body do not exchange information to your muscles normally. Or, you may have a condition that prevents your muscles from working properly. The usual cause of Neuromuscular weakness is muscular dystrophies, multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) autoimmune diseases, such as Graves’ disease, myasthenia gravis, and Guillain-Barré syndrome. thyroid conditions, such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

There are several Rasayana herbs and metallic medicines with a promise to help Neuro-muscular patients. The most promising Rasayana medicines are carefully prepared by processed Parad (Mercury) which is a well-known therapeutic agent in Ayurveda. It is only metal in the liquid poisonous form which can be converted into a powerful therapeutic molecule. Traditionally purified Parad is a very cost-effective and preventive drug. Parad is regarded as Amrita and can help improve neuro-muscular disabilities.

A liquid impure mercury through many stages of purification, samskaras, rituals, and churning becomes a therapeutic magic Parad. There is the spiritual mystery behind the alchemy of Parad. It is difficult to imagine the science of rejuvenation by modern chemistry. Processed Parad is called Ras and the ayurvedic medicine with processed mercury is called Ras Aushadhi.

A Rasayana medicine helps in achieving a stable mind and believed to be the best destroyer of the diseases. Aging can be prevented and longevity can be achieved by judicious administration of Rasayana medicine. Preparations containing Parad can be given with honey, powder of amla, ginger, lemon juice, like a suitable vehicle. Ayurvedic mercurial preparations can be used in the long term management of uncontrolled Neuro-muscular diseases.

In Ayurveda, heavy metals are converted into non-metallic form. This is a traditional specialty. Herbo-metallic compounds should be initially detoxified. The detoxification process involves various heat and cool cycles along with oil, buttermilk, rice gruel, cow’s urine, herbal decoctions, etc. From ancient times, garlic has been useful for the purification of Parad.
The Medhya Rasayana from Bacopa monieri, Centella Asiatica, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Tinospora cordifolia, and Convolvulus pleuricaulis are scientifically verified for their long term safety and efficacy. The Neuro Cons, Myo Cons, and Mamsagni Rasayana are very effective being used by AMDS India since 1995.

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