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Protect Heart and Lungs to increase life expectancy of DMD boys.

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DMD is a progressive muscle weakness with an unfavourable prognosis and a limited life expectancy. Causes of death is acute pneumonia, cardiac arrest, acute respiratory distress and multi-organ failure. Main cause remains cardio-respiratory failure. Ventilatory failure from muscle weakness requires mechanical support for ventilation and coughing. Today non-invasive positive-pressure ventilation

Rasayana Treatment for Neuro-muscular Weakness

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Weakness is one of the predominant manifestations of neuromuscular disorders which strongly influences daily life. Ayurvedic Rasayana medicines and therapies are efficient in the long term management of Neuro-muscular problems. Ayurvedic herbo-metallic medicines are safe and effective to improve neuro-muscular functions. This is especially important to control symptoms, improve functional

DMD & Exon Skipping

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The dystrophin protein is essential for the function of muscles. Muscle fibers stretch and contract with great force when a muscle is used. Dystrophin acts as a spring and a shock absorber between the muscle fiber surface and its internal motor made up of a protein called actin. In DMD,

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