Education based on the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda.
Seminar on Ayurveda & Yoga
Organized by the Ayush Samiti & of Bhilai, C.G. India.
By Dr Mukesh D Jain & Dr. Ivan Szalkai Hungary Date : 06 October – 12 October 2018

An intensive educational Seminar & Practical Training Program is being organized in Bhilai, India in association with the Ayush Samiti. The teaching seminar is suitable for caregivers, Ayurvedic students, therapists and other professionals in the field of health care. The practical training program will focus on ayurvedic detoxification, nutrition, aesthetics and stress reduction.

One week intensive program will focus on the technique of Ayurvedic diagnosis, detoxification(Panch karma), Rejuvenation(Rasayana), Yogic Pranayama, and relaxation techniques in the management of chronic diseases.

Special training in Ayurvedic aesthetics(Skin & Hair Care) is also available for those participants
who are interested to learn the technique and methodology of Ayurvedic beauty and Spa treatments.

Certification by Academy of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences India
Course Director Dr. Mukesh D Jain
Coordinator Dr. Ivan Szalkai Hungary

Training Registration Form

    To Enroll Contact Email:,     Mob: +91-9826180335

Online Registration for Ayurvedic Therapies with Dr. Mukesh D. Jain

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