In spite of stronger medicines, vaccines, and expensive treatment, the incidence of lifestyle diseases like Blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, heart disease, and overweight is high on the rise. Heart diseases continue to be the major cause of mortality representing about 30% of all deaths worldwide. Why stronger medicines are not able to control the epidemic of chronic diseases?

Ayurveda emphasizes on the importance of food in the prevention and cure of lifestyle disorders. The breakdown of our tissues is a constant process in the body that is replenished by the intake of food. Ayurveda says food and drinks powerful medicine if they match your DNA. Ayurveda recommends Pathya Ahara by stating that if you intake wholesome food then there is no need for medicine and if you do not stop consuming unhealthy food then also there is no need for medicine. In the latter case, medicine will not be effective. In this way, the precisely constituted, calculated and cooked food is known as Pathya. The core key to good health is wholesome food without which optimal health cannot be achieved. Wholesome food is one that protects your wellbeing, while unwholesome food is the root of all diseases.

It is challenging to understand the Ayurvedic Pathya and Apathya from the western point of view where quantity is determined by serving size portion size or in caloric intake. Food incompatibility (Viruddha Ahara) is when two elements do not have an affinity for each other & those elements cause the interruption of metabolism which inhibits the formation of tissue.

Wholesome and unwholesome food varies from person to person. Wholesome for one might be unwholesome for another. The suitability of diet for a person is governed by age, body constitution, nature, the quantity of food, and compatibility with other foods. Keeping the above in mind one should exclude unwholesome items from one diet and eat only wholesome foods.

Remember wholesome (Pathya) is suitable to your body’s DNA, which does not create any trouble, and which is pleasant to the mind, that which is unpleasant to the mind is Apathya, This should not be neglected. Pathya is the right food that keeps the person healthy, maintains normal body functioning, nourishes the mind and intellect, prevents diseases, and at the same time corrects the irregularities that may occur in the body. Thus, everyone should refrain from unhealthy and unwholesome food to body (Apathya) and follow the wholesome food (Pathya) for prevention and lasting cure.

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